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Diana Teodorescu

Diana Teodorescu

  • Biography

    Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist
    Advanced Schema Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor in ST-Individual and ST-CA
    Supervisor in Group-ST
    CBT Trainer and Supervisor, IFTECC Iasi
    Associate Professor at A.I.Cuza University-Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Department

    Diana has 20 years of experience working with children, adolescents, parents in individual work or groups:

    • Clinical evaluation for children and adolescents,
    • Individual psychotherapy for children and adolescents
    • Group psychotherapy for children and adolescents
    • Personal development programs for children and adolescents in several private schools, kindergartens and in private practice
    • Workshops for parents in schools and in private practice
    • Workshops for teachers in schools
    • Events and activities for parents or parent-child: family team-buildings, workshops for parents on different themes
  • Creative Ways to Strengthen the Wise and Competent Mode in a Group ST-CA setting

    Target audience: Beginners and Intermediate

    Abstract: This Skill Class reveals/shows the design of a protocol for working in Group Schema Therapy with children and adolescents and provides information, methods and strategies with which to build a flexible and developmentally appropriate group programme. It focuses on the development of the Competent Mode, which is the primary resource for children’s and adolescents’ emotional, cognitive and social skills and competencies. As the stages of the protocol are presented, those types of interventions and activities that have yielded outstanding results over the years of practice will be highlighted. The methods presented will be those specific to the ST group protocol, with a focus on combining experiential techniques with creativity, playfulness and novelty. The Wise and Competent Modes will be the basic pillars around which we will weave novel experiential strategies for skill building that will support the development of the future Healthy Adult.

    The main topics of the workshop are:

    1. Recognising the importance of group setting in developing cognitive, emotional, and social skills. It is very important how we think about the structure of a programme focused on the development of the Competent Mode skills according to different criteria, such as age, type of client, objectives.

    2. Highlighting the main group-specific factors which influence the makeup of a group with a focus on the importance of the age criteria.

    3. Pinpointing the ST-CA objectives in group protocols with a constant focus on the Wise and the Competent Mode in each stage of the protocol: creating a warm, protective environment, developing basic emotional skills: awareness, expression, regulation.

    4. Identifying modes, exploring origins, identifying triggers, gaining awareness of the effect of modes in everyday life, specific work with modes and transfer to everyday life

    5. Exploring and describing the main areas of competence reflected in the Wise and the Competent Mode and developing them through various group techniques.

    6. Showcasing creative ways to increase the Wise and the Competent Modes

    7. Reflecting on possible studies designs that could validate this protocol.

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