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Ida Shaw

Ida Shaw

Ida Shaw is the Training Director, IUSM Center for BPD Treatment & Research, LLP and Co‐Director of the Schema Therapy Institute Midwest, Indianapolis Center. Ida’s background in experiential psychotherapy and developmental psychology added an essential component to Group Schema Therapy. Ida is an advanced certified Schema Therapist Supervisor in Individual, Group and Child‐Adolescent Schema Therapy and the main supervisor of the international multi‐site trial of Group Schema therapy.

  • Developing the wise child part through the younger years

    Co-Presented with Gal Geffen, Janine Peckham

    Developing the wise child part through the younger years As Schema Therapist our role is to meet the core emotional needs of the Vulnerable Child together with the wise or healthy part of our patient. As our patients grow into adulthood, we hope that they have a strong Healthy Adult side that can show empathy to the self and others, have a balanced perspective, can be kind and compassionate to themselves and those around them and have healthy and fruitful personal relationships where they can get their needs met in adaptive ways. But how do we help our younger patients develop their wise or healthy parts as they travel through childhood into adolescents and then onto adulthood? How do we first, identify a young person’s wise part which presents differently through the developmental phases and then how do we, as schema therapists, work with our young patients to develop their wise side? We are excited to share our knowledge and strategies to help you help your young patients grow into healthy adults. even individual therapist could benefit from this workshop by using similar strategies with their adult, healing the VC and strengthening the HA. We will share our knowledge through, case studies and roleplay and give you, the participant, a chance to practice some clinical skills. Our agenda for our workshop is as follows: Understanding the wise part through the developmental phases Understanding how to strengthen this part in age-appropriate ways. Presenting video role plays to demonstrate this with a young patient, under 10 years and an adolescent. Time to practice. Participants will have a chance to practice some skills.

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