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Jędrzej Kosewski

Jędrzej Kosewski

Jędrzej Kosewski is a certified schema therapist and supervisor/trainer. For over 10 years he has been teaching on CBT and schema therapy. He worked in Anxiety Disorders Ward (with policemen and jail officers) for several years. Currently he has a private practice and runs his Schema Training Program organized by Nowoczesna Terapia Schematu.

  • Autonomy granting: using patient’s goals to strengthen HA and HC modes

    The presentation will show how working with BPD patient, suffering from severe trauma and several very strong schemas (mistrust, abandonment, defectiveness, subjugation and enmeshment), use patient’s goals, aspirations and values as a means of strengthening healthy adult and happy child mode. We will discuss how different interventions, aimed at exploring patient’s life vision, can help them engage in treatment, lower the power of enmeshment and subjugation and fulfill the need for autonomy granting. Participant will have a chance to see how concepts from motivational interviewing and other positive-oriented CBT approaches can be integrated into schema therapy framework.

    Points of the discussion:

    1. Autonomy granting – definition

    2. Different types of patient’s goals

    3. HA and HC and patient’s goals

    4. Autonomy granting and its relations with patient’s goals

    5. Intervention that use patient’s goals to strengthen HA and HC modes

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