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Jeff Young

Jeff Young


  • Sustaining the Integrity of Schema Therapy – The Core Model

    Joan Farrell & Wendy Behary with comments via Zoom from Jeff Young

    In preparation for the publication of the second edition of the Schema Therapy Practitioner’s Guide by Jeffrey Young, Janet Klosko, Joan Farrell & Wendy Behary, this presentation will elaborate on the core model of Schema Therapy, its clinical validation and utility and what we see as the value of contemporary additions. This will include a discussion of the randomized controlled trials using protocols based upon the core model, expanding the mode model, the role of early maladaptive schemas in treatment, the theory of core needs used in the core Schema Therapy model and their validity. We will also discuss our ideas about recent additions to the core model: identifying what is consistent with the core model – and adds value – and what may not. Our hope is to foster collegial discussion and consensus on sustaining the integrity of the core model of Schema Therapy.

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