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Khrystyna Zhyvaho

Khrystyna Zhyvaho

Dr. Khrystyna Zhyvaho, PhD MD, is the director of a psychiatric and psychotherapeutic out-patient clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine where Schema-therapy and CBT for adults, children and adolescents are provided. Dr. Zhyvaho is an Advanced Certified Schema Therapist and Supervisor. She is a member of the ISST resource committee for members in crisis (RCMC), a member of ISST Emerging Countries Committee. Dr. Zhyvaho is the National ISST Certification Coordinator for Ukraine. She is an Assistant Professor at Sigmund Freud University in Ukraine, the author of 43 scientific articles.

  • Real Pain or Mind Game? Unraveling Complex Somatic Disorders with Schema Therapy

    Co-presented with Marsha Blank

    Research shows early relational trauma raises the risk for somatic disorders like GI issues, autoimmune illnesses, skin conditions and chronic pain, This workshop explores schema therapy’s potential for treating such complex conditions.

    We will present a case study of a client whose IBS was alleviated using schema therapy interventions. Attendees will learn how schemas manifest physically and their commonly associated modes. Through lecture, experiential exercises and a detailed client illustration, participants will grasp how schemas and modes impact illness and pain.

    Skills covered include assessing somatic modes, chairwork, movement to access embodied emotions and rescripting to transform maladaptive body memories. Participants will gain concrete techniques for schema based treatment

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