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Klaartje van Hest

Klaartje van Hest

Klaartje van Hest is clinical psychologist. She is a certified advanced level schema therapist (Dutch society of ST) an advanced level group therapist (Dutch society NVGP) and a cognitive behavioral therapist (VGCt). She works at both Antes and G-kracht Mental Health Care Institute, The Netherlands. Her core business is working with patients with addiction and personality disorders in an intensive outpatient treatment

  • ST for addiction and personality disorders: stages, processes and techniques

    Co-presenting with Melissa van Rekom, Suzanne Florissen, Michiel Boog


    ST holds promise for the treatment of addiction and personality disorders. Based on research findings and clinical experience, the presenters founded a day treatment centre for addictions and personality disorders in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In this centre, an integrated treatment is offered to patients suffering from various addictions and longstanding personality problems (personality disorders and other clinical disorders that are not responding to first-choice treatment). In the present workshop, the presenters will present some theoretical background on (the treatment of) this co-morbidity. Further, information will be shared on the treatment program, the different stages of the treatment and the processes that are involved. However, most of the available time will be spent on practicing techniques and interventions used in the integrated treatment. The workshop will be interactive, so participants can experience the different techniques themselves.

    Method: -short presentations -demo of combining Motivational Interviewing and mode work (including video) -happy child exercises with all participants -group demo: mode model -group demo with protective modes: ‘breaking the wall’

    Result/conclusions After this workshop, participants will have gained more insight regarding the integrated treatment of addictions and comorbid personality disorders. Further, they will have learned some specific (group) ST techniques addressing this comorbidity.

    Literature Ball, S. A., Maccarelli, L. M., LaPaglia, D. M., & Ostrowski, M. J. (2011). Randomized trial of dual-focused versus single-focused individual therapy for personality disorders and substance dependence. The Journal of nervous and mental disease, 199(5), 319. Boog, M., Dugonjic, H., Arntz, A., Goudriaan, A. E., Wetering, B. J. V., & Franken, I. H. (2022). Borderline personality disorder with versus without alcohol use disorder: Comparing impulsivity and schema modes. Journal of Personality Disorders, 36(1), 1-18. Boog, M., Van Hest, K. M., Drescher, T., Verschuur, M. J., & Franken, I. H. (2018). Schema modes and personality disorder symptoms in alcohol-dependent and cocaine-dependent patients. European Addiction Research, 24(5), 226-233. Van Den Bosch, L. M., & Verheul, R. (2007). Patients with addiction and personality disorder: Treatment outcomes and clinical implications. Current Opinion in Psychiatry, 20(1), 67-71.

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