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Liz Lacy

Liz Lacy

Elizabeth Lacy is an LCSW and certified schema therapist in New York City, NY. Liz is currently the Director of Lacy Mental Health, PLLC. She has over 23 years of post-graduate experience in mental health as a clinical director, supervisor, trainer and therapist. Liz specializes in treating behavioral addictions, anxiety disorders, attachment-based psychotherapy, and couples counseling. Liz has earned advanced certifications in schema therapy, transformational chair work, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), DBT and clinical supervision. She has also trained extensively in third-wave CBT protocols for anxiety and OCD. Currently, Liz serves as Clinical Director at a newly developed international addiction treatment program from their New York office. She also maintains a private practice specializing in schema therapy and EFT for individuals and couples. Liz provides clinical training and supervision internationally in schema therapy and attachment-based addiction treatment. Ms. Lacy is a member of the Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma (SAT) Network and International Society for Schema Therapy, regularly presenting at conferences worldwide.

  • Treating the Core of Compulsive Sexuality: Schema Therapy Solutions for Attachment-Based Hypersexuality

    Hypersexual disorders are challenging conditions involving excessive, compulsive sexual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that create significant personal distress and impair real intimacy. This experiential workshop will present an attachment-based developmental model for understanding and treating the root causes of hypersexuality using schema therapy. Through lecture, demonstrations, and interactive exercises, participants will learn how schema therapy works to transform maladaptive schemas and modes and meet unmet childhood attachment needs that drive hypersexual coping. Case examples will illustrate schema therapy strategies including limited reparenting, empathic confrontation, chairwork, and mode work to help heal early relational trauma. Participants will have opportunities to practice schema therapy techniques for addressing client attachment wounds and transforming engrained hypersexual modes. Attendees will be prepared to apply many effective interventions in this innovative attachment-focused model designed to heal the core psychological and emotional drivers of compulsive sexual behaviors.

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