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Machteld Ouwens

Machteld Ouwens

Machteld Ouwens, PhD, is a clinical psychologist/psychotherapist at PersonaCura, Center of clinical excellence for Personality Disorders and developmental disorders in Older Adults, at mental health care institution GGz Breburg, the Netherlands. She is also a scientist practitioner at Tranzo, the scientific center for care and wellbeing of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Science of Tilburg University, the Netherlands. She is a senior member of the Dutch Schema Therapy Association

  • The Young Positive Schema Questionnaire: psychometric properties

    Besides the Early Maladaptive Schemas recently the Early Adaptive Schemas (EAS) are defined as specific patterns that consist of emotions, cognitions, physical sensations and neurobiological reactions in relation to the self and others. EAS are assumed to develop when emotional needs are being met during childhood and later in life. Louis and colleagues (2018) developed the Young Positive Schema Questionnaire in English to measure AES, the questionnaire consists of 56 items. A 14-factor model fitted the data of several samples of healthy adults and good reliability and validity were found in these samples. In 2022 the psychometric properties of the original English version were confirmed in other healthy samples. A Dutch translation showed promising reliability and validity in a representative healthy sample of 650 people. In this presentation the state of the art will be presented on the psychometric properties of the original English version and the different translated versions of the Young Positive Schema Questionnaire. References:

    Louis, J. P., Wood, A. M., Lockwood, G., Ho, M. H. R., & Ferguson, E. (2018). Positive clinical psychology and Schema Therapy (ST): The development of the Young Positive Schema Questionnaire (YPSQ) to complement the Young Schema Questionnaire 3 Short Form (YSQ-S3). Psychological Assessment, 30(9), 1199.

    Ouwens, M.A., Van Donzel, L., Schroevers, D., Rossi, G., Van Alphen, S.P.J., Louis, J.P., & Videler, A.C. (under review). Psychometric properties of the Dutch version of the Young Positive Schema Questionnaire (YPSQ-NL).

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