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Marion Pothmann

Marion Pothmann

Dr. phil Marion Pothmann, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist for Children and Adolescents (CBT), Supervisor, Trainer, works in her own Practice in Hamburg /Germany

  • The Checker Club - Group Schema Therapy for Children aged 6-12


    The following program “The Checker Club” is a schema therapeutic training program conceptualized for 6-12-year-old children. It is conceptualized and tested for a group size of 4-6 children that is guided by two therapists. The kids are introduced to a kangaroo hand puppet called “Checki” (Clever-Wise mode). Checki is the “Boss” of the “Checker-Club”, and he invites playfully all 4-6 group kids to join the “Checker-Team”. Checki and all group kids are investigating all kind of different modes, eg the happy mode but also the sad, vulnerable mode….

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