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Yvonne Reusch

Yvonne Reusch

Yvonne Reusch is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor for cognitive behavioral therapy and schema therapy and runs the institute for schema therapy in Stuttgart together with Dr Matias Valente. She did her training in body-oriented psychotherapy with George Downing. She worked for 15 years in an inpatient treatment setting, in which she helped create a ST concept, and has been working in her own practice since 2020. In her schema therapy workshops and publications she focuses on the treatment of complex posttraumatic stress disorders, eating disorders, body image disorders and impulse control disorders. She focuses on an an individualized transdiagnostic schema therapy treatment plan using both cognitive behavioral therapy and body-oriented techniques to improve outcome and effectiveness.

  • Postures in chair work - using body-oriented techniques for deepening and regulating emotional activation

    After a very brief introduction to body psychotherapy work and its connection to schema therapy, this workshop will focus on the practical implementation of body-oriented interventions regarding postures, movements, and breathing for emotional activation and regulation, especially in chair work. Didactically, the workshop will alternate between presentation, demonstration and small group exercises that can be used for self-therapy

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